Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dan McKown - Latest News and Updates

Got a couple of email updates on Dan McKown, the guy who got shot trying to stop a scum-bag shooter in a Tacoma Mall around Thanksgiving:

From Dan's Uncle:

Just an update - Dan has regained movement in his right leg and is experiencing pain in his left leg, both results which were stated, "impossible" by the medical staff less than a month ago!
Dan remains positive and determined. He believes that he will one day walk again, and with everyone's continued prayers, why not? Our family thanks EVERYONE for their prayers and financial support. We have received letters and cards from people all around the world. Thank you for caring about someone who did what he could to stop a tragic situation from being worse. It was a high price to pay, but that is just Dan!

(Dennis - Send me an email at the blog email address so I can contact you directly - Thanks!)

From one of Dan's friends:

I'm one of Dan's friends, and I've been visiting him about every other day at the hospital. he said that the reason he put his gun away was because he didn't know the policy on hand guns in the public, and if the police had it under control. when Maldonado aimed to fire at Dan, Dan took out his gun, and tried to fire, but it was too late. I'm really proud of Dan, and he's been so positive throughout the whole thing. He's determined to walk even though doctors tell him that he probably won't. That takes some guts to talk to the shooter and do what he did.

I'm certainly happy to hear things are going as well as they are, considering the severity of Dan's injuries. Let's all keep Dan in our prayers, he's got a long way to go, but he's determined to walk again, and I for one, am willing to bet he does.......


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