Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blogger-Buy-A-Gun-Anniversary "BBAGA"

Josh at South Park Pundit has a great blog, and he's also a pretty fair graphics guy, too!

Here's the new sidebar graphic he put together for BBAGA. Check out the subtle flag in the background.

All of you gun bloggers feel free to grab this graphic for your sidebar, and link it to this post so people will have some idea what we're talking about! If you want to swipe the whole post and post it on your own site, then link to your own post instead, that's fine, too.

If this one's bigger than you want on your sidebar, we've got a couple of smaller ones in the works, too!

Have fun with this, and don't forget, Mr. Completely says it's OK to buy a gun on your blogiversary, so don't pass up the opportunity!!

(Thanks, Josh!)


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