Friday, October 28, 2005

National Ammo Day Is Coming!

On November 19th. there will be a National Ammo Day "Buy-cott", so start inventorying what you've got on hand, and put together your ammo shopping list. If you are buying .338, then one hundred rounds is a good start. I'll hear none of this "buy a couple of boxes of .22's" stuff, either!

Let's see, six or eight bricks of .22, some .38 Special, some .357, .44 specials, .44 Magnums, 9mm., 9x18, .380, oops, just about out of 30-30, that ought to be a good start. I think I'm OK for .223! I may need a wheelbarrow!

If you can carry the bag in one hand, you aren't even getting close. BUY MORE AMMO!

Buy it cheap, and stack it deep......


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