Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blastorama Tomorrow

There won't be much blogging going on until probably tomorrow night, since KeeWee and I are off in the morning to the Blogger Blastorama breakfast, then to the CWSA range for the Blastorama itself.

At the last minute Rivrdog had to cancel out, because the gun club he's joining is having the new member orientation on Sunday, and the next one isn't until January. He's going to talk to them about the possibility of a Winter indoor pin shoot series in Portland, though, and that would be a cool thing! Let's hope he can convince them it's a good idea. I'm sure a few of us Washington pin shooters would make it down there to help kick it off!

I just finished getting all of the gun cases, range bags, and so forth all ready to go for the Blastorama, and KeeWee remarked that it looked like we were leaving on vacation by the amount of "luggage".

Those bowling pins and punkins are in a heap of trouble.........


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