Saturday, September 17, 2005

Light Posting Sunday - Off to a pin shoot

Sunday will be a light posting day, at least until Sunday evening, as KeeWee and I are off to another CWSA pin shoot in Coupeville, Washington. I've got everything all cleaned and oiled, ready to go.

I hope I've figured out what I've been doing wrong causing me to shoot high and to the right on the first pin on a regular basis. Since I use an unconventional grip and stance, a whole lot of the conventional knowledge doesn't apply.

I spent some time with a fellow shooter yesterday to see if he could figure out what I was doing, and we think I'm dropping my elbow about 3/4" of an inch as I get the first shot off, which moves the point of impact up and to the right. (I shoot left-handed).

When you miss the first pin, the rest of the round is pretty much done for, and knowing that, you tend to try to shoot faster on the last four so you will have time to come back and get the first one later.

What usually happens, of course, is you try to shoot faster than you are able, and end up missing another pin or so.

The way to do it is to stick to your game plan and get the next four pins, then come back for the first pin, and hope your opponent misses a pin too. If so, you still have a chance.

We'll see if I can remember to keep my elbow up, and if that helps.....


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