Friday, August 19, 2005

What the heck is this?

No idea if this is even real, or a photo manipulation

If any of you have any idea what this might be, please let us all know with a comment. Gotta admit, is cool looking!!

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At Sunday, August 21, 2005 8:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prolly an artist's conception redux.

I like the "cranked arrow" wing, though, and an XF-16 variant with that wing almost made it to the Next Strike Fighter contract. If the manufacturer had put vectored thrust on it, the F-22 would be based on the F-16 now.


At Sunday, August 21, 2005 4:48:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a "Blogger BS-223A." Actually this is the proto type. No one has ever seen the "real" BS-223A. It's used to ferry workers to and from area 51 on a daily basis. The reason this is such a rare photo, is the pilots always have their cloaking device on to make it appear like a 737-200. After the pilots major screw-up, they were both assigned to fly cargo to China, where the government promptly tried to kill them. Hence, picture #4.

At Sunday, August 21, 2005 10:14:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Completely said...

I just KNEW there was a simple explanation........

At Monday, August 22, 2005 5:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks very fake, simple beam equation will tell you that with the engines so far behind the main wheels, it just can't work. But.. I guess anyone can probably say that, and now I feel the fool for having stated the obvious.

While at first glance it looks cool, but after a second I don't find it that great... but maybe it's cause I study Aero engineering, who knows.


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