Saturday, August 06, 2005

Juneau Report #4

It finally stopped raining and blowing, so we went out to the airport and got in some flying. What a great way to have a look around Juneau. There were lots of boats out salmon fishing, since this weekend is the Juneau salmon derby. Some of the local businesses close down on the Friday of derby weekend so the employees can go fishing!

I flew for about half an hour, and managed to not scare anyone, break anything, or get summoned to the control tower upon landing. I'd call that a successful flight, by golly!!

Still using this slow 26,400 modem (using a 56K USR modem, but that's as fast as it can go over these lines), so no pictures will be posted from here.

Thanks to all of my faithful readers for still reading the blog, even with the temporarily reduced content. I'll be back up to full volume by late next week.

Stay tuned.................


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