Friday, August 05, 2005

Juneau Report #3

Keewee and I went out after chum salmon today with the flyrods, and we caught and released about fifteen fish, plus or minus. The biggest was about fifteen pounds, which is quite a load on a 5/6 weight flyrod. For non-flyfishermen, a 5/6 weight rod is more typical for trout fishing, for fish up to perhaps a couple of pounds. You don't just horse the fish in with this light of gear, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Juneau is located in what could be called "Sub-Arctic Coastal Rain Forest". The key word here is R A I N ! ! We got soaked again today. It really knows how to rain up here.

Tomorrow I'm headed out to the airport to give a hand to a couple of friends with some aircraft projects they have going, then maybe some more fishing, or maybe some flying, we'll just have to see what the weather is up to.

I'll keep in touch............


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