Thursday, August 04, 2005

Juneau Report #2

KeeWee and I spent the better part of yesterday out fishing at one of my favorite spots, Kowee creek (actually a small river) about forty miles out of town. Didn't see a single bear, which is the right number, as far as I'm concerned. I suspect bears saw us, however. We got rained on, but with the large trees, we at least didn't get soaked!

We were fly fishing primarily for pink salmon, locally called "humpies", for the humped back that develops on the males when they are in the rivers and headed up to spawn. They were averaging between three and six pounds, and are great fun to catch. We caught and released maybe twelve or fourteen fish, which isn't a bad day's fishing!

I need to tie up some more flies, then we will probably head out and see what we can catch in the way of chum salmon. The chums are much bigger, some of them in this area getting up around seventeen pounds. They are by far, pound for pound, the hardest of the salmon to tire out.

We'll keep you posted.......


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