Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Juneau Alaska

KeeWee and I have now arrived in Juneau, Alaska for a bit of fishing. I behaved myself going through the airport in Seattle, and kept my mouth closed when dealing with TSA. They always ask me to take off my shoes, so I automatically took them off and tossed them into the tray to go through the xray machine. (I wonder if xrays kill athlete's foot fungus?)

I remarked to the screener that since they always ask me to remove my shoes, I'll save him the trouble of asking. He replied that any shoes with a sole over an inch thick are checked. "We're looking for C4." he said. I ALMOST said "C4's for amateurs, there's stuff a lot better than that!". Fortunately, I kept my mouth closed, otherwise I'd probably still be in handcuffs!

We're off shortly to go pick up our fishing licenses. Then back to the house to tie up some flies, and maybe get out this evening for a few hours of fishing. The weather is quite nice outside right now, but it should be raining solidly by the time we're ready to go fishing. That's how it works in S.E. Alaska.....

Hopefully this weekend we are going to get a chance to do a little shooting. You can expect a full range report, and a "Full-Auto" e-Postal handgun match entry!

Of course there will be pictures!!!


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