Thursday, August 11, 2005

How fast can YOU empty all your brass?

Steve doing some SERIOUS "Fly Swatting" with a full-auto M-11

Mr. Completely generating a waterfall of 9mm. brass

KeeWee finds 20 rounds a second a little overwhelming the first time!

It's not too often that you get the chance to shoot something as exotic as a full auto and silenced Cobray M-11 9mm. , particularly the "fires from the open bolt" version.

On our recent trip to Juneau, we got the opportunity to shoot one, "up close and personal", so to speak. In Alaska, like some other states, if you fill out enough forms and jump through enough hoops , you too, have have one of these amazing machines. (Not in Washington, however Grumble, snort, fume.....)

Even if you own one of these in Alaska, you can't always just haul it to your local range and light it up. We drove about forty miles out of town, and then hiked up the side of a mountain to a remote location to do our shooting.

We were lucky enough to get a nice patch of bright sunny weather, making for pleasant shooting, indeed!.

We set up a cardboard box to squeeze off a few rounds and get an idea on the sights before taping up a "Flyswatter" match target for Steve. The rate of fire is advertised as .47 seconds for ten rounds, or .94 seconds for the twenty rounds alotted per target for the postal match. In a couple of the pictures above you can see four or five casings in the air at the same time! The rest are still travelling horizontal, but are out of the picture. WOW!

With the folding stock folded, part of the stock blocks your view of the sights, so you can't actually use the sights if using it as a true machine pistol, so we shot it with the stock extended. After warming up a bit, we taped up a target, loaded the clip with twenty rounds, and turned Steve loose. With the silencer it wasn't very loud, making sort of a "Brrrrrrrrippppp" sound, and the clip was then empty! Steve got about ten rounds on the paper, and got one fly, before it climbed out of the top of the target. Using short bursts would minimize the climb, but then you aren't REALLY shooting it full auto, if you know what I mean.

We taped up the second target, and stuck in a second clip. Concentrating a little more on controlling the climb, this time Steve got sixteen on the paper, and hit three flies, all in less than a second. Not bad!!

Then it was KeeWee's turn. Keewee's arms weren't quite long enough to reach the trigger with the stock against her shoulder, so we rested it on top of her shoulder, and Steve held on to the stock from behind. Even so, the rate of fire was kinda overwhelming! KeeWee emptied a few more clips, and then it was my turn. Boy, what fun!

It's hard to shoot when you start giggling half way through the clip! It didn't take long before all the ammo was gone.

As I said, WHAT FUN!!!


At Wednesday, August 17, 2005 8:07:00 AM, Blogger Firehand said...

Had a chance once to shoot one of these, and a while back a select-fire Uzi, with suppressor. Interesting stuff.


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