Saturday, August 13, 2005

e-Postal RIFLE (?) Entry.........

Here's the "Killiards" Target (click for larger)

........... and here's what I was shooting.

After reading the rules for the second e-Postal Rifle match, (see rules here), I came to the realisation that I didn't have any long guns scoped up that would work in this competition at all.

I DID, however, have something that at fifty yards and from a bench rest, WAS reasonably accurate, even though it wasn't QUITE a rifle. Last Winter I built a 12" target barrel for my High Standard Supermatic Citation, and so far I haven't had the chance to put it to the test. Time to see what it can do......

I grabbed a box of CCI Green Tag I had in the ammo locker, headed out to the CWSA range, and hung a sight-in target on the fifty yard target stand. I had "rough-sighted" in the scope at twenty-five feet, and had set it to shoot about an inch and a half high. Hopefully this would be close enough to get it on the paper, so to speak.

I used a sand-bag for a bench rest to steady up the shot. To my amazement, it was shooting only about five inches high and two inches to the right. A few scope adjustments, and a few more rounds fired, and it was right on the money!

To be able to see the cross-hairs, I had to wear my reading glasses, which meant that anything over six feet away was more or less un-seeable! Through the scope, I could just make out the target circles at fifty yards.

I hung up the official "Killiards" target, and mentally reviewed what little I knew about target shooting. Something like "Inhale, exhale, shoot" as I remember? Remembering to start breathing again after making a shot is a good idea too!

I loaded ten rounds into one clip, and five in the second one, so I wouldn't have to count shots. Taking my time, I worked my way across and down the target until all shots had been fired.

I can see that a pound and a half trigger, perfect for pin shooting, is WAY too heavy for bench rest shooting. I would guess something in single digit ounces would be a lot better.

When I walked out and had a look at the target, I was pleasantly surprised. All fifteen shots had scored, and eleven of them had hit the center circle!

Just to see what would happen, I hung a second target at seventy-five yards, but at that range, even with the scope, I couldn't see the target circles. I tried to guess where they were, but that didn't work very well.

If you can't see it, it's awfully hard to hit it! With a higher powered scope, maybe, but not as I'm set up now.

Had a great time, met some nice folks, a father and son, out getting in a little target practice, got a little sun, and generally had a great afternoon.

Hope your day went as well..............


At Sunday, August 14, 2005 12:24:00 AM, Blogger H2SO4 said...

Damn fine shooting my friend..

Wow.. A trigger set at 6-8 oz. pull might go off if you stare at it too hard. : o )

A buddy of mine had a similar target 22 pistol, and it had a 8 oz pull. After shooting it, my glock felt like a grip exerciser..

Should have borrowed it for your freaking flies last week...

At Monday, August 15, 2005 8:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of people would focus the scope on the target. The cross hairs are put at a null point in the optics so that they are always in focus.

Works for most hunters.

I went to the poor fucking Mariners game the other night and couldn't tell a home run from a ground rule double. The only way I knew when to duck from a foul ball was to watch my neighbors to see if they, a)tried to catch it, b)ducked or 3)just sat there.

But I can kill elk at 400+ yds (3).


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