Sunday, July 31, 2005

Say something nice about Islam meme

Update: In the rush to get out of town for a few days, and to squeeze in one more steel plate shoot, I forgot about one Arab contribution that I had intended to include.

Belly Dancing! Anybody that could convince their gals to dress that way, dance like that, and also convince them that it was healthful and for the exercise, scores one point in my book!! Of course, that's just my opinion....

I got tagged by Rivrdog to say something nice about Islam, or about Arabs, or maybe Islamic Arabs. I haven't been able to get clarification on this as of yet, but since I'm going to be out of town, I figured I'd better do the best I can.

First I only know one Arab, at least I think he counts as an Arab, since he's from Egypt. He's been a college professor here in the States for forty years or thereabouts, and other than the fact that he and I differ markedly in terms of politics (conservative versus liberal) , he's a great guy.

I know a guy who LOOKS like an Arab, sorta, but actually he's Armenian, so I guess that doesn't count. He IS another great guy, however.

Most of the rest of what I know about Islam and Arabs either came from the MSM, so it's most likely wrong, of from bloggers, so it's somewhat more likely to be correct, or from direct sources over in Iraq, that I consider to be very reliable.

It kinda boils down to people are people, mostly, the world over.


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