Monday, July 04, 2005

Richard C. Hoagland Joins the Blogosphere

Richard C. Hoagland, often heard on Art Bell's radio show , has taken the leap into the blogosphere, sorta. (Yes, I know Art only hosts it on the weekends now, but it will ALWAYS be Art's show to me.)

Richard, author of "The Face on Mars", has often been in the forefront on a number of "On the Edge" topics concerning conspiracies, cover-ups, NASA, the moon, mars, and a lot more, based on "best available science".

Richard thrives on "connecting the dots" to form a bigger, and sometimes controversial picture. Richard also attributes just about everything in the universe from planetary movement to the heartbreak of psoriasis to something he calls "Hyperdimensional Physics". Of couse, no one has any idea what the heck he's talking about, but with Richard's brains and background, there's gotta be SOMETHING to it, I guess!

When I say that Richard has "sorta" entered the blogosphere, let me explain a bit. In my opinion, one of the beauties of blogs in general is the interactivity with your readers, both through comments and through emails to the blog. Richard has comments turned off, and there is no email address shown on the blog that I can find.

Another beauty of blogs is the blogroll listing of other blogs that someone who enjoys Richard's blog might also enjoy. Sadly, no blogroll, either.

No comments, no email, and no blogroll. To me, that's not a blog, it's a web page. None the less, as all blogs do, it will evolve, and Richard has a lot to say. You might want to go check it out once in a while and see where he goes with it.

It' called "Captain's Blog" and you can find it here. Allow plenty of time for your visit, however, as 'verbose' is Richard's middle name......

Welcome to the blogosphere, Richard, we're glad you joined us!!


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