Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pin shoot report - Can't win 'em all!

KeeWee and I are just back from the CWSA pin shoot, and we shot OK, but a couple of the other shooters shot a little better, and no giant trophies for the mantlepiece today. (Actually, there never are any trophies, so this is something of a metaphor.)

I managed fast qualifying time, but all that gets you is that you get to shoot against the second fastest qualifier in the first round. Since it's single elimination, your day can be over quickly!

I ran up against Al L. in the first round, and he knocked me out, although I managed one tie table, so at least I didn't end up "two and out". At least I made him work for it, by golly.

I qualified the Smith & Wesson 422 in third place, and narrowly got by Pegi to advance to the second round, where I ran up against Al L. AGAIN! Al smoked me again, but again I made him work for it. If he would have made any mistakes, I would have got him, but he didn't, so I didn't! Overall I ended up somewhere around fourth, I think.

Iron sight class belonged to Jim P. today. He walked right through the competition, taking all the marbles. I got one table off of him, but the rest was history.

All things considered, it was a good day for shooting a few pins, with great weather and good company, but some some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you.

Score one for the bear...............


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