Monday, July 04, 2005


Publicola makes a point about the correct name of the current holiday being Independence Day, rather than "The Fourth of July".
"Independence Day. The 229th anniversary of a statement of freedom from a government that impeded individual liberty. (Please note: the holiday is called Independence Day. It occurs on the 4th of July. Unless you typically wish people a happy 25th of December or ask if they have plans for the 31rst of December then please try to refer to the holiday by its rightful name. Referencing it by its date belittles the import of it to just another day that you don't have to work & the banks are all closed - thanks.)"
I personally don't have a problem with using both names, as long as we remember what it is we are celebrating.

As long as we also call it "The Fourth of July", at least we remember when it is.....


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