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Postal Match Entries

Front of Mr. Completely's match target.

Here's the back side.

Here's the entries for Mr. Completely's Postal Match. After you finish reading through the entries, be sure to click on the COMMENTS dingus at the bottom of this post and vote for your favorites!! That will determine the final grand and glorious champion!

RIVRDOG'S ENTRY: Preliminary Score 200 out of 100 possible points!

Since I'm one of the few Police Triple Masters hereabouts (Master in Revolver, Pistol and Shotgun), I'm going to stand on my creds by revealing the scoring on the last shotgun qual I did before I retired.

00 Buck, 97 (1 pellet outside of scoring area out of 45) Slugs, Possible (6" group, combo of kneeling and offhand). Total of 10 rounds, 5 00-Buck and 5 Slugs. Timed fire. Combat reloading. The scoring area is anything inside the 4-ring (except the head) on a standard silhouette.

2 buckshot rapid-fire at 15 yards, reload with 3, fall back to 25 yds, fire 3 buckshot timed fire, reload with 3 slugs, fire them timed fire, fall back to 50 while reloading, drop to kneeling, fire two slugs timed fire.

You have to do this course scoring at least 96 for three consecutive quals to be a Master. I finally put my three together just as I retired and was never awarded the device, but it would have been awkward to wear it along with the two handgun devices on the uniform shirt.

I suppose that there is a Rifle Master qual, but I've never seen it shot or even offered as a course. The pistol and Revolver courses are the usual Tactical Pistol Course and Tactical Revolver Course, scoring at least 96, three times running.



The referee's decision is that a 3 point deduction for breaking the rule allowing you to break the rules is in order, hence the score of 97. However, the fact that you were able to break the rule about not posting your results in the comments, even BEFORE that was one of the rules shows exceptional skills, aptitude, and perception. That's a 3 point extra credit bonus, so I'll put you down for a perfect 100! Since Rivrdog shot his entry in a much more structured and work related environment, severely limiting his ability to whoop, holler, and carry on, I have also awarded Rivrdog 100 bonus points for doing his best under the circumstances! Well Done!

DAMIPHINO'S ENTRY: Preliminary Score 200 out of 100 possible points!
Scored by Referee as follows: 102 points for the age of his shotgun, and 98 points for creativity.

In the "spirit of the game" I went out to the back yard to try my Cowboy Action shotgun. It's not quite a civil war cannon but it is a 102 year old Model '97 with a short barrel. Tried a paper target at 7 yards. three rounds and the paper kinda went away.

How about a score for creativity? I had some old tires out back and thought why not! Did you know that if you stand a tire up with the tread facing you, you can shoot for distance. If you get it rolling on the first shot and are fast on the next couple you can get some pretty good distances.

Maybe a game like shuffle board with truck tires and a 12 gauge. The skeet guys just about went nuts up at the range.


COUNTERTOP'S ENTRY: Preliminary Score 200 out of 100 possible points

The arsenal - an old 12 gauge Spanish double barrel side by side shotgun. A great bird gun if I ever did fire one. Winchester target shot (Walmart special).

The Target - 100 yard site in target, 5 empty cans of soda, 2 intact cans of Sam's Choice Cola (adequately warmed in the late afternoon sun/heat).

For the sight in target - 10 yards, 5 yards, 1 yard
For the empty cans - 10 yards, 5 yards, 1 yard
For the intact cans - 10 yards, 5 yards, (no 1 yard shot as I had no desire to wet myself with sticky brown water)

Total Shots - Umm, I don't remember - more than 14.

Rate of fire - quick two round bursts, followed by slow reload times

Spirit of the Rules - I forgot to include that fat nazi from Flint, Michigan (5 point penalty)

Scoring - 100 - a hell of a lot of fun and to watch the paper target burn from being shot at less than 1 yards after being shredded by multiple shots at 10 and 5 yards was glorious. While it was burning, we shredded the empty cans too. They didn't burn from the less than 1 yard shot - but there wasn't much left of them. I'm awarding myself 5 Bonus points for the Sams choice Soda selection.

Lots of fun to see a warmed up soda blow itself up. It was safe at 10 yards, rather dangerous at 5 yards, but suicidal at 1 yard (unless you have a swimming pool or lake to jump into right away - I didn't feel like being coated in the crap while continuing to shoot and clean up and drive home, plus I didn't want it on my gorgeous shot gun).

Fun quotient - 100!!!


FIREHAND'S ENTRY: Preliminary Score 200 out of 100 possible points

(In the spirit of the matter, I took my chosen sub-cannon (Benelli Nova SP) to the range with five boxes of slugs.)

Powder burns on the target? I spit on your powder burns! I moved that (somewhat scary) smurf out to a respectable distance to perforate.

Great mayhem was caused, with large and (imagined) bloody holes in the paper! Repeatedly I dared the punishing recoil (dammit, that hurts!) to puncture the target, and my result?

Alas that I have no camera to record the carnage caused (did you know the wads/sabots will make even more glorious holes?), but the politi- er, target was greatly demolished. I awarded myself points as follows:

100: I remembered to tell you about this great event
25: I used up almost all the ammo, so only a small bonus here
75: For my pain & suffering. Shut up.

Therefore I report the epic score of 200!!

Thus ends my report



Considering that as referee for the Mr. Completely Postal Match #1 I have an unfair advantage over the other shooters (not that I MIND an unfair advantageďż˝), I've decided to post my entry, but not score it.

REPORT: Grabbed my trusty Mossberg 500 12 gauge, all tricked out and ready to wreak havoc on man or beast. Short barrel, Ramline composite stock and fore grip, a serious thing of beauty, if you know what I mean.

For a target, I selected "Tom Jones- Live In Las Vegas". Would the low cut shirt, the dulcet tones, the polyester, be any match for my trusty Mossberg? I THINK NOT!!

I stapled up the target, grabbed a couple of dozen rounds of #6 shot hunting loads, (none of that wussy trap load stuff for me, by golly), loaded up, and starting at about 25 feet, ran off five quick rounds.

The target was getting lots and lots of holes in it, but was still holding together. Five more quick rounds, and it was still more or less holding together, although it was starting to look like a screen door. You could clearly see through the target! Can't say much for the music originally inside, but the cardboard must have been high quality stuff.

"Enough of that, sez I.", and moved up to about six feet from the target. First shot, and a nine or ten inch hole appeared in the center. Amazingly, no cardboard on the ground. The center was just GONE! Second shot, and the horizontal two thirds disappeared, except for two small triangular corner pieces on the ground, well behind the target stand.

Not wanting to aim any higher and tear up the target stand, I decided to consider it "Mission Accomplished!"

Why did I choose "Tom Jones, Live in LasVegas"? Well, my "Captain and Tenille" records had already come to an untimely end.

It's amazing how much better you feel after blowing the crap out of something you don't like very much. I recommend it to all of you feeling a bit stressed out.

It'll work wonders, I promise!

Mr. Completely

A BIG THANKS to all the competitors for sending in your entries. You guys are great!

And for all of you loyal readers, don't forget to click on the COMMENTS dingus and vote for your favorite entry. Feel free to vote for your favorite, on whatever criteria you like.

I should warn you, however, that if you fail to vote for Mr. Completely within the next five minutes, and don't send emails to all of your friends asking them to vote for Mr. Completely, then your skin will turn green and your toenails will fall out. Worse yet, you will be audited by the IRS.............. (just thought I'd warn you).


At Tuesday, June 07, 2005 9:38:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for myself, of course!...


At Tuesday, June 07, 2005 9:40:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote again for myself!

(this election is being held in the State of Washington, where such voting is acceptable, according to the Chelan County Superior Court).


At Tuesday, June 07, 2005 9:41:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said... a theme rollin' here...

I vote a thrid time for myself, because with major back spasms today, I feel closer to dead than alive, and, as we all know, the dead can vote in WA (see vote #2 above).


At Tuesday, June 07, 2005 4:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A really tough decision, but I vote for Countertop. All are very close.

At Tuesday, June 07, 2005 5:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I applaud Mr. Completely's choice of targets it certainly raises the question. Just what were the reasons he acquired the target in the first place. I can understand getting Credence, Stones even barely the Captain and, but TOM JONES????? And why was the original contents not still in the target???

I guess some questions just shouldn't be asked.

It's hard to make a choice of the entries, all bear repeating so I'll be trying the techniques.

I'll vote a tie between Mr. Completely and Counter top.

Nice job, come to Montana and try bowling pin shoots Montana style with a full auto M-16.

At Tuesday, June 07, 2005 8:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it common for people to use Tom Jones records as targets?

It's not unusual! (giggle!)

At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 12:35:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! You all Lose!

I win with my 500 point score for competing in Mr. Completely's Postal Match and then breaking the rule that is not to be broken: I didn't send in my score!

Ha! How does that feel, hosers?


At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 11:51:00 AM, Blogger Countertop said...

Well, I ought to vote for myself, but then thats probably in bad taste. How bout I do this, one vote for me and one vote for Jay G and friends cannon (even if they didn't send in an entry).

Oh yeah, and Mr. Completly gets a vote too cause the pics of the Tom Jones album are just gorgeous.

At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 12:12:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Completely said...

Bad taste doesn't seem to slow ME down any. I'll put you down as having voted for yourself too, even if you didn't.

That's how we do it now here in Washington state. (sigh)

At Wednesday, June 08, 2005 1:20:00 PM, Blogger Firehand said...

Anonymous loses out because we don't know who to threa- er, discuss the matter with. Obviously I win, because my shoulder still twinges, and I'll allow a vote for Rivrdog, just because. Countertop and Mr. tied for third. Of course.


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