Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Too Busy doin' Stuff to Blog About It!

Wow, it seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was getting all geared up and set up for the upcoming shooting season. I cannot believe how fast the time has been flying by. I have been running a steel match on the fourth Saturday and another steel match on the fourth Sunday every month since last October. The first Saturday of the month usually finds me in Yakima, Washington both lending a hand and shooting in their steel matches. The second Saturday of the month I will usually be shooting a match in Bremerton Washington at the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club's range. due to the unreliable ferry service from Whidbey Island that I must deal with in getting to Bremerton, I usually take our mini-RV and go to the range on Friday, the day before the match. This way, I am able to help with setting up the targets stands shooters boxes and so forth, and take some of the work off of the folks who set up the match. In July on the third Saturday, Keewee and I took the RV to northern Idaho for their big annual steel match. Keewee did a write up on that match on her blog here.

Two weeks ago, Saturday, August 10, was the Washington state steel championships in  Ephrata, Washington. for this match we also went on Friday, but we stayed in a motel rather than taking the RV, as the RV does not have air conditioning and the weather forecast was for temperatures in the 100° range. That's way too hot to sleep comfortably in a un-air-conditioned RV!

I have also been really busy getting things all put together for this year's Gun blogger Rendezvous.  The amount of work that is required for an event like this is surprising! If you have never put on an event, you have no idea! This year's GBR is going to be amazing!

I have also been working on another big project (Very BIG) which will be formally announced at the Rendezvous.


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