Saturday, May 21, 2011

e-Postal Match Reminder

Don't forget there's an e-Postal match going on right now, and you've got until the end of the month to get your entries submitted. The number of entries has been down a bit lately, so for these matches to be worth the effort, you need to get out and shoot the targets, take pictures, and send in your scores.

The Gun Blogger community hasn't been promoting the e-Postal matches too much lately, either, so if you are a blogger, how about putting up a post about the matches? The matches are always very creative, and a lot of fun to shoot. However, they are just about always a whole lot harder than they look, so if you DO shoot the targets for the match. send in your entries, no matter how badly you THINK you did. Believe me, in previous matches some targets that would have scored well up the list never got sent in because the shooter had erroneously thought he had done terrible when he had actually done quite well.

This month's e-Postal match is underway over at Sand Castle Scrolls so head on over and print out some targets for the match.

Good luck, and have fun!


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