Friday, September 05, 2008

Glock Regional Classic This Weekend

This is going to be a busy weekend, and as KeeWee has to work, I'm going to have to hit the Glock Sport Shooting Association's big Regional Classic this weekend by myself. It will be held on both Saturday and Sunday at the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club in Bremerton, Washington. Although it's a two day match, you can shoot it either on Saturday or Sunday. Glock and GSSF do an excellent job of supporting Glock owners and shooters with these matches and lots of new Glocks are given away by random drawing to the entrants.

Even though it's a large match with perhaps as many as 300 entrants, the KRRC range is large and has lots of bays where multiple stages will be set up. The basic match is three stages, a falling plate rack against the clock, and two stages using cardboard "Tombstone" shaped targets. On these stages you are scored both on speed (where I do OK) and accuracy (where I redefine 'Sucks with a Glock'). There are a number of different classes depending on the model of the Glock you are shooting, so if you have one of the compact or sub-compact Glocks there is a class for you too. There is also a Guardian category for law enforcement, firefighters, and so forth, too.

There is an "Unlimited" class for heavily modified Glocks, but for all other classes your Glock has to be a stock gun, no speed parts, trick barrels, or anything else. You can change sights, but they still have to be of the Notch and post style. This match is for the everyday Glock owners, so you can bring what you've got and not be at a disadvantage. You can read the full rules at the GSSF website. No, a Glock decal on a 1911 race gun won't qualify, even for Unlimited class. (I asked).

Glock and GSSF deserve a lot of credit for the money and effort they put into these matches.

My plans are to head over to the KRRC range on Saturday and arrive just before Noon. I will help run the match in any way I can for the second half of Saturday, spend the night in the RV, and help all day on Sunday. Somewhere in between I'll try to shoot a couple of the classes too. Last year I combined some really fast times with possibly some of the worst accuracy of the entire match! I went over to the Holmes Harbor range yesterday afternoon to verify a load I had worked up cycled the gun OK. I discovered three things. First, it isn't a very accurate load but the gun runs. Second, if I shoot fast I can't hit anything. Third, if I slow down I STILL can't hit anything! Too bad they don't have a class called "Comic Relief", I'd be a contender!

If you've got a Glock, come on over to the KRRC range and give it a try. It's really not a difficult match to shoot, so you probably shoot well enough to shoot the match with out any trouble. The difficulty comes when you try to do it quickly. Start position is a 'Low Ready', so you don't need a holster, either. No quick draw required.

Come on over and give it a try, or at least come by and say HI! I'll be the one that when I'm shooting the Range Officers are in foxholes with their heads down........



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