Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KRRC Fun Steel 07/12/2008

It looked like the weather was going to be excellent for the weekend, and if anything, it was too good! Blue skies and temperatures just a bit hotter than we locals are used to! KeeWee and I jumped into our mini-RV Friday afternoon and headed for Keystone to catch the little car ferry across Puget sound to Port Townsend. Fortunately the weather was calm, as it's not such a good trip on the little ferry if it gets rough out there.

We drove South from Port Townsend a ways, then turned left on the highway that crosses the Hood Canal floating bridge, the world's longest saltwater floating bridge. Once across the bridge, we turned South and followed highway 3 to Silverdale, where we left the freeway and drove to the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club range where we met up with John D.

We followed John to his place out in the woods where we parked the RV for the night. John, Jeanette, KeeWee and I all climbed into one car and headed out to find dinner. There is a Mexican place not too far away, and we pigged out on some really great food.

Saturday morning we stopped at a local 50's era themed diner for a big breakfast then we set out to the KRRC range for the fun steel match. John runs the fun steel matches at KRRC, and he enjoys coming up with interesting new stages to make us all crazy! After the shooter's meeting we squadded up and headed out to the first bay to get started.

Debbie shooting her K-22 Smith & Wesson. She seldom misses!

Debbie shooting with Stacey running the timer.

KeeWee shooting with Stacey timing.

Wyatt on the line.

Wyatt and his Grandpa were in our squad, and Wyatt had only been shooting for two or three days. He stuck to it and did well for his first outing.

Grip and stance need a little work, but that will come with a little more shooting!

Easy to hit them slowly, hard to hit them fast!

The shooter's eye view.

By the time we got to the last stage KeeWee was about cooked from the heat. Even so, her last stages were her best ones. I had been struggling a bit with my shooting all day and and it wasn't until the last few stages that it started to come together. It just made it clear to me that if you don't shoot regularly your proficiency really goes down hill, and I hadn't been shooting very much lately. I can see I need to shoot more, particularly with the big Eddie Brown Memorial Steel Challenge match in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho in two weeks, followed by the Montana Shooting Sports Association's Celebrity Bowling Pin Shoot the next day in Missoula, Montana.

Both at the shooter's meeting and as we were walking back from the last stage we got to visit a bit with Rob from the Gig Harbor club. A week or so previous he had had knee surgery to do some repairs and was on crutches. Even so, he still shot the match, and did really well too. Rob also mentioned that he had just taken a new job with Nighthawk Custom. The have some absolutely beautiful custom 1911's. You should go look, but try to not drool on your keyboard if you can manage.

After the fun steel match we headed back to John's place for refreshments, conversation, and hot dogs over an open fire. We finished up the evening with home made brownies and more conversation around the campfire. It didn't take long for the "Heavy Eyelid Syndrome" to hit us all, and it was early to bed for some sleep. It had been a long and hot day and we were just about worn out!

Sunday morning we headed home the way we came, but made a side detour to pick up a few things at Sportsman's Warehouse. Once back onto Whidbey we made another side trip to Oak Harbor to pick up a few things at Wallyworld, and to stop at the Dairy Queen for some ice cream.

Not too much later we pulled into the driveway at Castle Completely, tired, dusty, and ready for a shower and a good night's sleep.

We had a good weekend.

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Try the pan fried trout there at the Big Apple diner next time. Great food!


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