Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kitsap Fun Steel Match Saturday, I Hope!

Last year at the Kitsap Fun Steel Match.

Man, has it been an entire year since I got over to the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver club for one of their Fun Steel matches? Apparently it has, as here's the post from last Spring's trip. The Kitsap bunch put on a great match and keep everything fairly easy and informal, so it's an excellent match for newer shooters, while still being plenty challenging for the faster folks.

Since last year's appearance at Kitsap, I've made two unsuccessful attempts to return for their matches. One trip was foiled by the fog shutting down the car ferry until it was to late to get there in time to enter, and the second attempt was stymied by too many cars trying to make the same ferry, and I was too far back in the line, so I missed the boat, literally!

This Saturday I will make another attempt, and KeeWee has to work, so if there are any of you local shooters in my neighborhood that would like a ride, let me know. I've got room for about three more shooters in my van.

I'm looking forward to the trip!



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