Friday, October 07, 2005

Handgun Boomershoot? Maybe........

This was with a rifle - with a handgun we'd be even closer to the action!! WOO HOO!

Joe Huffman, the guy from The View From North Central Idaho, and the guy behind the Boomershoot project, has been looking into "reactive targets" for handgun shooting. "Reactive" means if you shoot them, they go --- B O O M --- bigtime!

How cool would that be? WOW!

If you've kinda wanted to make it over to Boomershoot, but didn't happen to have a .300 plus caliber rifle set up and scoped for accurate shooting at 700 yards or so, this might just be your chance for some big BOOMS too!

Here's Joe's post on the idea of a handgun boomershoot. Leave him a comment and tell him what you think of his idea. (That is, if you think it sounds like a great idea. If you DON'T think it's a great idea, you probably don't like guns either, so you can just go eat a bug or something......)


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