Sunday, October 02, 2005

Die- Duckie - Die !!!

Take that - evil little duckie!

You all remember evil little Chuckie? Well, here's his fowl little evil twin! (Yes, I KNOW that's a terrible play on words, but I can't afford someone to write better stuff for me....)

Well, Mr. Duckie met his match today at the CWSA range.

AnalogKid at Random Nuclear Strikes is running an e-Postal rifle match, and this match's target features an evil little duckie, a duck who is definitely not your friend. With the e-Postal matches, you download the target and the rules, then head out to the range to shoot the match. Once you've perforated the targets, you send pic's and your score to who ever is putting on the match.

In this match scenario, you are shootin' Looters, so to speak. You can rest your rifle when shooting, but you should be behind some sort of simulated cover.

At the CWSA range creativity is somewhat limited, but I shot from a pistol shooting bench, jammed over against a side wall, and hiding behind a two gallon motor oil jug. You use want you've got available, just like real life.

You also don't get to sight it in for the distance, you have to shoot it as you have it set.

The left target was shot using my Hi Point 9mm. carbine. The more I shoot this Hi Point, the more I get to like it. The last time I had it out it was mis-feeding on me, but I was using hollow-point reloads of questionable quality. This time I stepped up to Winchester 9mm. ball bulk pack from Walmart. It fed flawlessly! 9mm. is not exactly touted as high-precision target ammo to start with, and the thirty to thirty-five MPH gusts sideways across the range probably weren't helping either. Oh, yeah, it's only a sixteen inch barrel, too. Did I mention that I bought it brand new for $169.95?

As I score it, it's six in the ten ring, two in the nine ring, one that's either an eight or a seven, and a seven. (I may need to get AnalogKid to make the judgement on the one on the line.) One hit on the duck!That comes out either a ninety or a ninety-one out of one hundred.

Like I said, the more I shoot this Hi Point, the more I like it!

The second target, on the right, was shot with my .22 caliber, 12" barreled, red dot sighted High Standard "Almost a rifle". (AAR?) Yes, it's a handgun, so sue me!

Anyhow, I entered it as a rifle, just to see how it would do. This time the distance was twenty-five yards.

Same rules, shooting from cover. Nine in the ten ring, one in the nine ring, and three solid hits on that evil darn duckie! It's sighted in for 25 feet for pin shooting, so I had to aim for just above the middle of the lower gray area of the eight ring.

Score: 99 out of 100. Boy, that High Standard shoots nice!

What a great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. Excepting the wind, of course....


At Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:33:00 PM, Blogger Barb said...

N-i-c-e shooting! Take take, evil little duckie ;-)


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