Sunday, October 25, 2015

Indiana State Steel Championships

Last Wednesday KeeWee and I caught a pair of "Red-Eye" flights out of Seattle, stopping in LA for a plane change, and then on to Indianapolis. We got into Indy at 5:47am. It was a long night!

We picked up our rental car and met fellow high Standard Pistol collector Tom at a local restaurant for breakfast. We hung out at Tom's place for a couple of hours, then headed North and East for Kokomo, about two hours drive from Tom's place.

Once we got to Kokomo, we checked in to the Motel 6, and took a nap! After the nap we got something to eat, and conked out again! Friday morning we slept in, and tried to get as "Un-Tired" as possible.

Friday afternoon we headed to the Atlanta Conservation Club's  range and helped Eric and the guys get the match set up. We stopped by the Kokomo Texas Roadhouse restaurant for ribs (MMMMM!) and then back to the motel for more sleep.

Saturday morning we were at the range bright and early for biscuits and gravy with the other RO's and match staff. After breakfast we broke up into squads and shot the match. After shooting the match we headed back to the clubhouse for pulled pork sandwiches. Then we were all assigned a stage to run. We ran all the squads (six squads?) through, and wrapped up the match. KeeWee scored, and Jeff and I ran the timer and kept it all safe! After all the rest of the shooters had finished the match, we broke down the stages and put everything back into storage.

Once it was all put away, we headed back to the clubhouse for the results. I don't think either of us shot as well as we could have, had we been a bit more rested and not so jet-lagged, but we still did OK.

3rd Super Senior
4th Lady
11th overall in Rimfire Open

1st Super Senior
5th Rimfire Open overall
2nd Centerfire Open

After the awards, we headed out for some food, then back to the motel for sleep. We were totally exhausted.

We had a leisurely breakfast on Sunday, then checked out a local mansion, a small museum and mansion, and finally we went to the Kokomo Automobile Museum. All were interesting, but the Kokomo Automobile Museum is worth going well out of your way to visit. It was awesome! I took a lot of pictures, and will try to get them posted so you can see what I mean!

Monday morning we drove back South and West to Indianapolis, and checked in to the Days Inn near the airport. Monday afternoon we drove back out to Tom's place and hung out with Tom until his wife got home from work, then we all headed out for dinner. After dinner we turned in for the night, as our flights home left on Tuesday. Our first leg, to Minneapolis, was late departing, so we only had about 12 minutes to get from the arrival gate to the gate for our flight back to Seattle, and the gates were a long ways apart. We commandeered a Delta "Golf Cart" and driver, and she rushed us across the airport to our gate. We scurried on to the airplane, and they closed the door a couple of minutes after that! The flight back to Seattle was boring, but that's OK, I much prefer boring to exciting! Once in Seattle we had an hour and a half layover ,then a two hour shuttle ride back to Whidbey Island. Finally got back to the house around 11pm. Totally worn out, but we definitely had a lot of fun getting ourselves into that condition!!


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