Saturday, April 18, 2015

"e-Postal Match "Scattergun" Results

Note: I missed entering one email's scores, but this time I've got everything in there, I think!

As just about every e-Postal match turns out, this one was way harder than it looks, since you could actually score negative scores by hitting a line. Kind of like hunting. You want either a well placed shot for a clean kill, or you would rather miss completely. This match punished you for only wounding a circle, and not getting a clean kill!

According to Billl,  this target is "One of the evilest pieces of  paper I've seen that didn't have a lawyers signature on the bottom of it. "  !!

To be fair, most matches with scoring for accuracy start with a score of zero, and each good hit increases your score from there. In this match, the worst score you could get is minus 140, so even a bit below zero isn't too bad at all.

Billl 1 Ruger Mk. I .22LR 25
Mike B 1 S&W 617 .22LR 25
True Blue Sam 1 Ruger MK. III .22LR 15
Pat B 1 S&W 617 .22LR 10
Mr. Completely 2 High Standard .22LR 90
True Blue Sam 2 Ruger 22/45 .22LR 35
Mrs True Blue Sam 2 Ruger 22/45 .22LR -15
Pattie Ann 2 Ruger 22/45 .22LR -20
Pat B 5 Colt Det. Spl .38SPL 10
Billl 5 Rossi 971 .357Mag 10
Billl 7 Marlin 795 Rifle/scope .22LR 60

Thanks to all for braving the sometimes crummy weather and getting out to the range to shoot the match. 


At Saturday, April 18, 2015 8:39:00 PM, Blogger David aka True Blue Sam said...

This match forced you to use strategy, and the leftover targets are great sighters for checking scopes!


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