Thursday, January 16, 2014

SHOT Show - Day 3

it's early afternoon and I am back in the press room at the SHOT show with another large cup of coffee. I've spent most of the morning traveling from booth to booth looking at lots of new goodies and cool things that I can't afford! I stopped by the High Standard pistol booth and talk to them about becoming a dealer. Since I have been using high standard pistols for years in rimfire competition with good results I have no hesitation recommending them to others and if I can be a dealer that can get them a new high standard at a good price that's even better. Most of the booths are very busy but I consider it at the very least good manners to stop by and say hi to all of the companies that are sponsors of the gun blogger rendezvous.

As you may have noticed, often times words that should be capitalized are not. I am dictating this post using Dragon naturally speaking software and a microphone/ headset. Dragon is supposed to be able to know when I have started a sentence and capitalize the first word or, the first letter of the first word, to be more precise. It seems that sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. With the little tiny keyboard on my netbook editing things with the keyboard often end up making it just worse! I apologize for the inconsistent capitalization, but that's the way it goes!

I still have seen only a large portion of the show but certainly not all of it by a long ways. I am going to pack up the computer for now, and head back out onto the show floor to see what else interesting I can come across. If I see anything really cool and I can get the crowds away long enough to get a picture I'll try to get something up on the blog you all to enjoy. Whether that will be today or in the morning I don't know but we will just have to see what happens..........


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