Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Vote Matters

A few weeks back I was sitting by a campfire with some fishing friends and the subject of gun rights came up. "The President doesn't really have much effect on that", one fellow said, "since it's Congress that makes all the laws. About all the President can do is veto something, and even then, congress can over-ride him if enough of them want to do it." 

 He's right, up to a point, as an anti-gun Congress is a lot worse than just an anti-gun President, but he's completely forgetting that the Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President. Sure, Congress does still have to approve them, but a potential Justice's position on 2nd. Amendment rights are only one factor that will be considered in the approval process. All we need is one more anti 2nd amendment Justice to replace one of the pro 2nd. Amendment Justices, and things could go down hill rapidly.

Thanks to The National Shooting sports Foundation for putting together this short video.


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