Monday, September 05, 2011

September e-Postal Match is Now Underway

This month's e-Postal match is now up and running over at True Blue Sams place. Go download the target and head out to the range, shoot 'em up, take a picture, and email it to True blue Sam to get entered.

You probably aren't getting out shooting nearly as much as you should, so here's a great reason to go empty some brass!!



At Monday, November 28, 2011 5:17:00 AM, Blogger kontiky said...


1. Are you the organizer of Postal Matches?
2. Is it possible to use on your postal matches 4 mm rimfire revolvers?
3. How do you take into account different distances within one Class? E.g. someone got 40 points at 7 m distance and another one got 30 points but at 10 m distance? Who is winner?
4. And when do you plane new match? :)
5. Why don't you publish winners targets photos?

PS I organized 11 postal matches in Ukraine for 4 mm rimfire revolver owners ( So your experience in your matches is very interesting for me.


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