Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. Completely Nominated for GUNNIE Award

I got an email from the good folks at telling me that I had been nominated for a Gunnie Award for the best gun blog in the Entertainment" category.

Voting is only open until the 28th. (Only 12 days)  to determine the winners in each of the 9 categories. There are a whole lot of really good gun blogs in the running, so I need to get every single reader to go vote for Mr. Completely, and then if each reader would get 750 more people to vote, and if each of those would get 750 more to vote, and so forth, I would at least be kept from total humiliation caused  by being dead last!
If you can't get 750 people to vote, any help is still appreciated!

Voting is done via the online ballot here:

Each category winner gets an engraved, really nice Italian-made 30mm replica round trophy from Technoframes. Winners will be announced on Saturday night at the Lucky Gunner Memorial Day Blogger Shoot during the banquet.  Also, every winner gets their choice of 100 free rounds of ammo from, since Technoframes and Lucky Gunner are sponsoring the awards ceremony. The winners do not have to be present at the Shoot to win but whoever wins in each category will get their engraved trophy + free ammo along with some good ole fashioned bragging rights & a cool badge to show that they were the highest vote-getter.

You can only vote once per computer, as the voting thing watches to see where you voted from.  If you have more than one computer, though, you can vote once from each one.

Please help Mr. C. from being totally humiliated by a crushing defeat at the ballot box, so EVERY ONE OF YOU NEEDS TO VOTE!

Anyhow, I could use the ammo.........


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