Monday, July 19, 2010

Wayne Perryman Addresses TEA Party Racism

At a TEA Party gathering in Oak Harbor, Washington a couple of months ago I got the opportunity to listen to The Reverend Wayne Perryman speak, and hearing him was well worth the trip. The other speakers, not so much, but Rev. Perryman was excellent.

It has been in the news lately that the TEA Party movement was supposedly a racist movement. The Rev. Perryman addressed this specific topic ten months ago, right after Jimmy Carter made the same claim. Although this video is a bit over seven minutes long, it's worth watching clear to the end. Yes, he does plug his book, what the heck, it sounds like a book that might just be worth reading.

Anyhow, check out The Reverend Wayne Perryman addressing the issue of racism and the TEA Party movement:



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