Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Washington State Steel Championship Results

Well, KeeWee's got a really good post on the Washington State Steel Challenge Championships, complete with pictures and videos. I did manage a post about all the fun we had getting there and getting home, but I haven't said anything about the results, so here you go:

Overall match winner, Winner of Centerfire Open Division, and Top Junior, was Ryan Leonard with a time of 91.80. Ryan has also won the World Steel Challenge Championships for the last two years, so no surprise here. Ryan runs just below world record times regularly and he keeps improving. Chris Saylor, up from California, and another Junior, was second in Centerfire Open with 106.52. Carl Carbon, the assistant match director, was third.

In Centerfire Limited, Gerald Olsen was first with 120.01, followed by Robin Taylor (Co-Editor of Front sight Magazine) with 128.58, and match director Patrick Kelley was third with 137.42.

In Rimfire Open, Nick Leonard, Ryan's Dad, was first with a score of 93.09, I ended up in second with 99.35 and was also Rimfire Top Senior. Tom Kettells with 106.51 was third, and John Davidson from the Kitsap club was 4th. KeeWee came in 5th and was top rimfire lady.

In Rimfire Iron Sight Tim King took the top spot, closely followed by Debbie Kurre, also from the Kitsap club. Terry Schweye was third.

So there you have it! The weather was fine, the match was well run, and we all had a grand time.

Thanks to Patrick Kelley and Carl Carbon for organizing and running the match. Great Job!

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