Saturday, June 19, 2010

Off To Paul Bunyan Club Championship

Tomorrow morning far too early for sane people to be moving around KeeWee and I are off to the Paul Bunyan Gun Club's annual championships. It's sort of an unusual setup as it's a one on one double elimination match set up much like a falling plate match. However, you only get one chance to shoot against each opponent and if you lose twice your day is over. No chance to go two out of three and have a chance to recover from a bad run or a malfunction. After one loss, it's then sudden death. Your first round match up is determined by your times on one stage of the fun steel matches over the past year. My times over the past year put me up near the top in the midst of several Master and Grand Master shooters. Those guys also shoot falling plate matches every Tuesday night and are really fast at falling plates. I don't remember my last falling plate match. I can see it being a very long drive and a long day for only five or six seconds of shooting! None the less, I'll give it my best, and then root for KeeWee to work her way up through the pack towards the final. Regardless of the outcome, though, it's always great to get together with a bunch of super nice folks and spend the day shooting and visiting. I'll let you know how it turns out prolly on Monday......


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