Friday, April 30, 2010

Man of Steel This Sunday

The big push to get the RV engine rebuilt and roadworthy was because this weekend is the big Man of Steel steel match just South of Portland, Oregon at the Tri-Counties gun club. Unfortunately, all of the practice I had planned to do over the last two weeks just didn't happen as I was either working or under the RV. I managed two practice sessions, and that just doesn't do it. I just hope the new engine runs well and we have no more mechanical problems over the weekend, and just as importantly, I hope I've got the race gun dialed in and it runs flawlessly through the entire match.

I won't be taking the netbook with me as there is no WiFi where we are parking for the night, so no blogging until we get back from Portland Sunday night.  I only have the Man of Steel match this weekend, and a steel match at KRRC the next weekend before we leave for the European Steel Challenge Championships on the weekend of the 14th, 15th, and 16th.

I BETTER start practicing.................



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