Friday, August 07, 2009

Off To Kitsap For Some Fun Steel

Here it is Friday night and the entire week went by in a blur. The Gun Blogger Rendezvous is barely four weeks away, and if you've never put on an event like this, you have no idea how many loose ends keep popping up. It seems like you get one thing sorted out and there's something else right behind it.

Anyhow, tomorrow I'm heading over to the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver club to shoot in their monthly Fun Steel Match. If you are anywhere near the Bremerton/Silverdale, Washington area you ought to swing by and give it a try.

No matter how much you practice, there's still nothing like a real match for improving your shooting. Next Wednesday KeeWee and I are off to California for the World championships, and I really need to get my shooting in order. There's not much time to get it working, either.

And the bunny? He's (?) doing well, growing like crazy, and eating like a horse! His injured eye seems pretty much normal, as best we can tell he's got good vision in both eyes. I'll have to take another picture soon so you can see how he's grown. He's sort of picked up the name of "Bun", and he seems to know his name. When you speak his name his ears pop up and he seems to know you are talking about him.

I've got the race guns cleaned and ready to go, the range bag packed, the alarm set, and it's time for an early shower and off to bed.

Tomorrow will be a long day........


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