Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 Steel Challenge Results

BJ Norris shooting and winning in Rimfire Optic Sight Class.
Photo by Yamil Sued

Phil Strader Winning Rimfire Iron sight
Photo by Yamil Sued

BJ Norris - Also a Gun Blogger!

JJ Racaza - In the zone, or asleep, or something. Certainly not looking very stressed out!

We have returned home safe and sound from the Steel Challenge World Championships, and I've got lots of stuff to post, along with a lot of pictures. To start with though, here's the results:

Open Division

1. Max Michel
2. BJ Norris
3. KC Eseubio
4. Dave Sevigny
5. Tatsuya Sakai

Limited Division

1. JJ Racaza
2. BJ Norris
3. Dave Sevigny
4. Rob Leatham
5. Todd Jarrett

Optic Sight Revolver

1. Jerry Miculek
2. Mark Itzstein
3. Mark Terry
4. Vic Pickett
5. John Allchin

Iron Sight Revolver

1. Elliot Aysen
2. John Bagakis
3. Richard Brethour
4. Michael Tanita
5. Jaime Mendoza

Rimfire Optic Sight

1. BJ Norris
2. Billy Abbate
3. Dave Sevigny
4. Todd Jarrett
5. Jerry Miculek

Rimfire Iron Sight

1. Phil Strader
2. Seiichi Ishikawa
3. John Bagakis
4. Clyde Harrrison
5. Tom Yost

Lots more stuff will be posted later.



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