Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kevin Imel For USPSA Director

If you are a member of USPSA and either throw your ballot away and don't vote, or are unsure which candidate would be the best choice, here's something to consider. The Steel Challenge Shooting Association, which is a division of USPSA, will have most of the decisions regarding how Steel Challenge will be run made by the USPSA directors. As a Steel Challenge competitor and a member of Steel Challenge Shooting Association, however, I don't get to vote on who those directors will be. Only USPSA members get to vote. Maybe someday Steel Challenge Shooting Association will have their own directors, but not at the present time. For the continued growth and success of both USPSA and Steel Challenge, it is important that the directors are the best people available and willing to take on the responsibility.

Kevin Imel between stages at the Eddy Brown Memorial Steel Challenge and Idaho State Steel Challenge Championships.

Both of the USPSA Area One candidates have written two articles in Front sight Magazine discussing their philosophies and goals concerning USPSA and Steel Challenge. I personally know both candidates, have shot matches with both, and have read their Front Sight Articles very carefully. Although they both have their strong points, I feel that Kevin Imel is the stronger of the two, and the best candidate for the job. Kevin has some great ideas, and would, in my opinion, be a great asset to the association.

Endorsing Kevin is entirely my idea, and Kevin didn't even know I was endorsing his candidacy until I told him. Good luck, Kevin!


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