Sunday, July 12, 2009

GBR-IV Partial Attendees List

The Gun Blogger Rendezvous is just eight weeks away, and some of you are still on the fence as to if you are going to attend or not. The Rendezvous is different from most events, as it is the attendees themselves that are the reason to attend.

Here's a partial list of the attendees for this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous. I am SURE I've left some folks off, so if you are going and you're not on the list, leave me a comment and I'll get you on the list.

So who's going to be there, you ask?

Here's a partial list, and new names will be added as we get closer to the Rendezvous.

Planning to Attend:

KeeWee, from KeeWee's Corner

Phil & David, from Random Nuclear Strikes

US Citizen, from Traction Control

Ride Fast & the Commandress, from Ride Fast - Shoot Straight

Mr. & Mrs. JimmyB, the Conservative UAW Guy

Lou from Mad Gun

Derek from The Packing Rat

Rachel Parson from the NRA

D.W. Drang from The Clue Meter

EJ from Engineering Johnson

Cap'n Bob & Damsel

Alan Gura

Mark Knapp from Firearms Lawyer

Maj. Chuck Ziegenguss from From My Position - On the way and founder of Project Valour-IT.

Kevin from The Smallest Minority

Dirt Crashr, from Anthroblogogy

Chris & Mel Byrne, from The Anarchangel

Uncle, From Say Uncle

Larry Weeks, from Brownell's

Andy and Lance from HiCap Gun Works

and, of course, me.....

There are a number of folks hoping to be able to attend, but not sure either way quite yet. There is a possibility we may see our first attendees from the UK, as I've gotten a couple of emails regarding registering in Euros and so forth, so keep your fingers crossed. We might even see some folks from Holland, at least briefly, as there are a few coming over to Las Vegas for the USPSA Nationals being held the same weekend.

We've still got room for lots more folks, so get off your "Donkey-like creature" and get your registrations in ASAP. It's going to be the best GBR yet, and by a long ways, so you really will kick yourself if you don't go. More range time, warmer weather, Alan Gura, The NRA, National Shooting Sports Federation, All you can eat pizza feed, at least three guns to win, lots of door prizes, and plenty of things to do for the family members not quite so gung-ho for gun stuff.

There are even some more surprises coming up to be announced. I am waiting for confirmation, but there's a pretty good chance there's more neat stuff and a some big announcements yet to come!


BTW: All bloggers automatically get press credentials. If you are from a newspaper, magazine, radio, or TV station, maybe, maybe not...........



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