Sunday, November 04, 2007

CWSA Hanging Plate Match - 11/04/2007

When we got up this morning, the weather certainly didn't look very good. Although it wasn't raining, the clouds were low and looked like they could start raining any minute. As we drove North towards Coupeville and the CWSA range, the skies looked better and better, and by the time we pulled into the range it was only partly cloudy with a little sunshine peeking through. That meant that today we would be shooting a rimfire hanging plate match since it wasn't raining.

John and his wife Jeanette were there when we arrived, and we all helped finish getting set up for the match. John had brought along his favorite Ruger with a red dot sight, and I loaned him an iron sighted Browning Buckmark that I had "tuned" a bit.

"Evil Al" shooting his Model 41 with Rainy running the timer.

The basic format of a hanging plate match is you shoot six shots in six seconds at six round steel plates. You do this three times at each of four distances, 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards. as the distance is increased, larger plates plates are used, 4" plates at 10 yards, and ending up at 25 yards with 7" plates. Total shots taken is 72, and your score is the number of plates hit. We shoot two rimfire classes, "Iron Sight" and "Optical Sight"

KeeWee scoring, Rainy timing, and John shooting.

The turnout was fairly small, but typical for matches this late in the season. It didn't take us long to shoot the required number of shots and we were done before noon. John, from The Kitsap Rifle and Revolver club shot very well considering it was his first try at a hanging plate match. Shooting my Buckmark in the iron sight class he came within one plate of winning the class, and he was third in the Optic Sight class.

Here's John again, this time with his Ruger.

After we finished the match we all helped to load up the equipment and haul it back to the shed for storage. After everything was put away,John, Jeanette, KeeWee and I went over to the bowling pin range to let John have a try at pin shooting. Of course ,we all had to shoot a few pins too! We even ran a few head to head matches just for the fun of it.

By now it was getting towards afternoon and John and Jeanette had a ferry boat to catch to get off of Whidbey and to head home, so we packed up the toys and went our separate directions.

It had been a great day, lots of shooting, plenty of stories, and a good time had by all.



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