Monday, September 10, 2007

KRRC and GSSF Glock Match

We're back from the big regional Glock match, and I think I can safely state that a Glock sponsorship is not likely in the near future! The weather was beautiful, the match well run and RO'ed, and I had a ton of fun shooting it. The truth is that shooting fast with minimal accuracy is way more fun than going slowly and being accurate, although with iron (well, OK, plastic) sights, slowing down didn't seem to improve my accuracy much! I can also see that to shoot a Glock accurately you need to spend a lot of time shooting it to get the trigger figured out.

The first stage was a conventional six plate steel plate rack, shooting the six plates four times against the clock. All scores were counted, and no "Throw-aways" like you get with a Steel Challenge match. I wasn't very fast, but it was pretty much "one shot - one plate".

The Falling Plate Stage, "Glock The Plates".

The next stage was four cardboard "Tombstone" D-1 targets, and three steel "Pepper Poppers".
You shot this stage three times. On each run you had to shoot each cardboard target twice, then knock over one of the poppers. On your second run you again shot each cardboard target twice, then knock over one of the still standing popper. On the third run you shot each cardboard target twice, then knocked over the last popper. To my amazement, I hit every popper! This was the most fun of all the stages as you could "Double-Tap" the cardboard targets.

My favorite stage "GLOCK'M"

Here's a short video of Mr. C. Having great fun on this stage:

Mr. Completely, sprayin' and prayin' Video

Accuracy was nothing to write home about, but I was keeping them on the target at least, even if they were all over it! That's a cool thing about cardboard targets over steel. It you miss a steel target, everyone knows you missed, but with cardboard, no one knows except the scorers, and then only when they inspect the target!

Shooting the last stage. SIGH........

The final stage was also using the cardboard d-1 targets, but the distance was quite a bit greater, and my lack of much accuracy cost me some penalty points for some misses. Since this was my first time shooting a Glock, or any double-action gun for that matter, I wasn't too worried about how I would do, I just wanted to shoot the match and see how it went. Unfortunately the match was over far too soon. As I was visiting with one of the RO's at the last stage, I commented as to how the match was over far too soon. He asked my which model Glock I was shooting, and when I told him it was a model 17, he said I could also enter the "Comp" class in addition to the "Civilian" class I had just completed. He didn't know for sure what the differences were in the classes, and I didn't much care if I could shoot the match again! I walked up to the sign-up, paid another entry fee and headed to the first stage to do it all again! COOL!

The second time around the stages I shot a little bit better as I was getting more familiar with the long travel, heavy trigger. Had just as much fun, or even more, than the first time. If I would have had enough ammo and entry fees, and if they would have let me, I would have kept shooting until dark!

After I was done shooting we had chili dogs for lunch and got a chance to visit with some of the other shooters, and also swap stories with John D., our friend who talked me into giving this a try.

After the match we drove North to Port Townsend and caught the Car Ferry back to Whidbey Island. Port Townsend was having a sail boat gathering, and KeeWee got a bunch of great pictures of the sailboats as we were pulling out of Port Townsend on the ferry. She's also got some more on the Glock match over there.

Once back on to Whidbey Island it was a thirty minute drive home. A nap was definitely in order.......

All photo and video credits to KeeWee!



At Wednesday, September 12, 2007 6:06:00 PM, Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Man that looks like fun!!!

At Sunday, September 16, 2007 7:27:00 AM, Blogger Manfred said...

Nice shooting in the video !


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