Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gettin' Ready to Go "Glockin"

This Saturday KeeWee and I are headed to our neighbor's son's wedding down South of Seattle. After the reception the plan is to drive back North to Silverdale and crash for the night in a motel. There's a big mall there, so KeeWee's going to get to log some 'Mall Time' Saturday evening after dinner.

Sunday morning it's only a short drive to the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club's Glock Sport Shooting Foundation two day match. It turns out, that putting a Glock decal on my 1911 isn't quite good enough, as the require you to actually be shooting a Glock.

When I had first head about the match I misunderstood and thought it was only on Saturday, so I was out of luck. It turns out that you can shoot the entire match on either Saturday or Sunday, so I could give it a try, after all. Except, for not having a Glock to shoot, of course! John D. over at KRRC offered me the use of one of his Glocks, but they were models that shoot rather expensive ammo, so I decided to see if I could track down a 9mm. Glock, since I'm set up for reloading 9mm. by the bucket full.

I asked everyone I knew if they knew of any Glocks that might be available, or for sale, and I followed a number of leads with no luck. Lou G. had mentioned that he thought one of the CWSA members had a Glock for sale, but he didn't know for sure if he had it anymore. A couple of phone calls later, we agreed to meet at Lou's place, as Lou was interested in my Nickel S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum. To make a long story short, I now no longer own the Model 29, and I now own two Glocks, a 9mm. model 17 and a .40 caliber model 22. As we were finishing up our horse trading, I happened to mention to the Glock guy that I was looking for an EMF Great Western revolver in .45LC. It turned out that he had one of those too, and we ended up doing some further dealing. He asked if I was interested in some leather for the cowboy revolver, but all he had was left handed. I just happen to be left handed too, so I now have a very nice belt with two holsters on it, one on the left hip, and one cross-draw!

But back to the Glocks! I took the 9mm. out to the Holmes Harbor range to give it a try. It felt kinda cheesy in my hand, but to me, all plastic guns just don't have the same solid feel of an all steel pistol. The trigger is really strange, heavy and a rather long pull. I had a terrible time hitting anything with it at first, but as I got used to the trigger, it improved a bit. Not a lot, but a little better, anyways. I tried my regular 9mm. bowling pin 147 grain loads that I use in the Taurus Econo Race gun, and they fed and shot just fine. I tried some lighter loads with 115 grain bullets, but they weren't hot enough to cycle the gun. They might be just fine with a lighter spring, but not hot enough for a stock setup. This afternoon I loaded up some more 155 grainers but with a bit more powder, and I'll give them a try tomorrow sometime. I tried some Remington 115 grain FMJ from a 250 round bulk pack, and they were the most accurate. I also tried some Remington 115 grain hollow points, and accuracy fell of noticeably. Strange!

This is going to be an interesting weekend, first the wedding, then shooting a regional level match with perhaps the strangest feeling gun I've ever shot! No worries! I've got two days to figure it out!

How hard can it be................


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