Saturday, September 08, 2007

.......and away we go!

KeeWee and I are off to attend the neighbor's son's wedding South of Seattle today. After the reception we're driving back North to Silverdale to spend the night, and cruise Kitsap Mall while we're in the area. Tomorrow morning it's over to Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club's range for a big regional Glock 'Steel Challenge-ish' match. I've had a chance to shoot the Glock a bit, and I think the gun needs a little work, and I need a LOT of work..............

I understand there will be a couple of side matches available, something along the lines of an IPSC stage, but with steel targets. Movement - definitely not my strong point!! Maybe one of the side matches will be something more like a Steel Challenge stage, with REALLY big targets, really close!!

This will be an interesting weekend, to say the least!


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