Friday, August 24, 2007

Two CWSA Shoots This Weekend!

I have no idea where this last week went, it just sort of evaporated! It seems like we just got back from California a day or so ago.

Anyhow, I've got everything unpacked and the range box re-loaded so we're all set to go for tomorrow's Pin Shoot at Central Whidbey. This afternoon I loaded up another 100 rounds of .45. A quick inventory showed that I had enough .38SPL and 9mm. to get me through the weekend. I just finished cleaning and oiling the High Standard and KeeWee's High Standard, too. We should be all set to go for tomorrow.

I just have to remember that if I try to shoot pin tops at the tempo I shoot steel plates, I won't hit a single pin top all day! Pin tops are a whole lot smaller and harder to hit, and you have to concentrate on slowing down!

Stay tuned, I'll let you know what happens.........



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