Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mankato Honors Rex Macbeth

A while back I did a post on Rex Macbeth and his business, Guns of the Pioneers in Mankato, Minnesota. Not long after my post, Rex moved on to that great gun shop in the sky. I did another post on Rex here: Rex Macbeth - July 14th, 2006 -- R.I.P.
Perhaps St. Peter has taken up Cowboy Action shooting and needed some help with his gear! I recently received an email from Rex's daughter-in-law Dawn about the city of Mankato, MN. honoring Rex:
"Recently the City of Mankato honored my Father in Law with a bike trail named after him and a VERY large 30 ton rock. It was an amazing moment to realize that a humble man, who sought to do the best for everyone he could - would be so recognized."

Moving Rex's rock into place.

A little celebrating, dedicating the rock and bike trail, Cowboy Style!

Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting Rex Macbeth, but I wish I could have done so. To see the town of Mankato honor him in this way just makes my day! It sounds like he was quite a guy!

Photo credit - Two lower pictures: Mankato Free Press


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