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KRRC Fun Steel Match - 07/14/07

It's been a few months since I've been able to get over to Kitsap Rifle and Revolver club's range near Silverdale, Washington, to shoot one of their Fun Steel matches. Unfortunately KeeWee had to work, so Lou G. and I ventured over by ourselves. The weather was going to get pretty warm, but at least not as hot as it's been several days ago. You'd think that with both Lou G. and I being bloggers, at least ONE of us would have remembered to bring a camera, but NO, we both forgot. Fortunately John M. Jr. remembered his camera, and was kind enough to email me the pictures in this post. Thanks, John, I'm glad SOMEBODY got it together!

For those of you unfamiliar with steel match basics, there are six sets (called stages) of steel targets set up. Each stage is shot five times by each shooter against the clock. The slowest score is thrown out, and the best four are added towards your total time for the day. In some cases there is a special target or plate painted black, or some other color different from the remaining plates, and that plate must be shot last. If you shoot it before shooting all of the other plates, you get penalty seconds added to your score. Each run involves making five hits on the target or targets. Final placing is based on your total time for the day.

Stage #1 - John M. Sr. shooting with Debbie K. running the timer.
(All pictures - Click for larger view)

The first stage was a traditional falling plate rack. You had to knock over five of the plates. Rimfire shooters only had to hit the plates, as the plates were set for more powerful centerfire energy.

Stage #2 - Lou G., John M. jr., Mr' C.'s arm running the timer, and Debbie scoring.

The second stage was five "Popper" steel targets of two different sizes, and unevenly spaced apart. You didn't have to knock them down, only hit each one once.

Stage #3 - Debbie K. shooting and Mr. C. running the timer.

The third stage was very tricky as the plates were very small and at different heights. The small rectangular plate farthest away was REALLY easy to miss!

Stage #4 - Lou G. shooting his revolver, with Debbie timing.

The fourth stage was one of the most fun of all. Shoot four shots at the white part of the target, then the fifth shot at the black stop plate circle. Lots of times in the two second range, and some in the one second range. That's getting of five shots pretty darn quickly!

Stage #5 - Debbie watching, Mr. C. running the Taurus Econo Race Gun Taco Style, and John M. Sr. timing. Plate #4 is hidden behind Debbie.

Each stage presented it's own challenge, and stage four was no exception. Tho plates to the left, a smaller and lower one in front, and two more to the right. It was nearly a 90 degree transition from left to right. Making the center plate smaller and lower really made it easy to miss!

Stage #5 - Debbie shooting and Lou G. running the timer.

Stage #6 - Based on the Steel Challenge "Outer Limits" stage layout. Lou G., Debbie, John M. Sr., and Mr. C.

The sixth and final stage arrived way too soon, although the heat and humidity were starting to get to us all. Neither of the pictures of stage six quite show how it looks to the shooter from the shooting position. The smaller round plates are to the outside of the larger rectangular plates in the rear, and the stop plate is in the middle.

Debbie and Lou G. on the final stage of the day.

After the final stage was completed, we helped load up the target stands and targets and put them away for next time. A number of us then headed over to the 19th. hole, a local pub, for burgers, fries, and cold drinks. While we were eating and visiting, the final scores were all totaled up. Lou and I had to leave a bit early as we had a ferry boat to catch to get back to Whidbey Island, so the final classes and scoring info wasn't available, but what's most important is that we all had a grand time socializing, shooting, and just generally enjoying a fun day at the range with a great bunch of shooters.

When you have that much fun, somehow the scores just aren't really that important............



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