Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goin' To Missoula, Gonna Shoot Me Some Pins!

Friday morning KeeWee and I are climbing aboard our "land yacht" (koff koff...) and pointing it East across Washington, the Idaho panhandle, and then on to Missoula, Montana for Montana Shooting Sport's Association's annual bowling pin shoot. These shoots are always a lot of fun, and the folks putting it on are just the kind of people you enjoy spending range time with! Not only that, this may be the only bowling pin shoot in the world with this many different classes.

Rimfire Pistol
Rimfire Rifle
Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistol
Single Action Revolver
Double Action Revolver
Semi-auto Shotgun
Pump Shotgun
Hunting Rifle
Assault Rifle
Full Auto Machine Guns

They usually even have a machine gun for rent, if you'd like to give one a try!

The money raised by this event goes to supporting pro shooting and hunting legislative activities in Montana. There's a good reason why Montana is a "Pro Gun" state. These folks work hard to keep their rights, and that takes money. What better way to raise money than a big shoot!

KeeWee and I have made the trek to Missoula the last two years, and we wouldn't miss it for the world! If you are anywhere within driving range of Missoula, you should come check it out. All the fun begins around 10am on Sunday, July 22nd.

Come on out and shoot up some bowling pins while supporting a really good cause!!



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