Friday, July 13, 2007

Goin' To KRRC For Some Fun Steel ! !

Tomorrow Lou G (AKA Mad Gun) and I are heading over to the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club near Silverdale, Washington, for one of their "Fun Steel" matches. Unfortunately KeeWee has to work, or she'd be there for sure, as these fun steel matches are some of her favorites.

Although the Fun Steel matches are similar to Steel Challenge matches, they are a lot more informal, and you never know what John D. is going to come up with for stages. One stage might be five shots into a single 18" 24" target, the next might be a falling plate rack, some poppers, or something else. All you can be sure of is that the targets will be reasonably easy to hit and they'll be made out of steel. The challenge is to hit them quickly as the clock runs!

If you are anywhere in the Seattle - Tacoma - Olympia area, Silverdale is an easy drive, so why not come on out and give it a try?

Next weekend will be a big weekend as KeeWee and I are taking our sumptuous, opulent, and perhaps extravagant land yacht across Washington and Idaho, ending up, hopefully, in Missoula, Montana, for the Montana Shooting Sports Association's annual Bowling Pin Shoot. It's a long hot drive, but it may be the only bowling pin shoot in the world that has classes for assault rifles, hunting rifles, single and double action revolvers, semi-auto handguns, rimfire rifles, rimfire pistols, pump and semi-auto shotguns, and machine guns! I wouldn't miss it for the world!!


At Friday, July 13, 2007 4:17:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Several years ago while shipchecking the USS Carl Vinson at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, I went to Silverdale to a Chinese place called King's Chinese Buffet, if I recall correctly. It was a most memorable place with some unusual West Coast dishes not found back here on the East Coast.

AHH, the memories.



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