Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another Gunpowder Flavored Weekend - Oh Boy!

It's Saturday morning, and I'm sloshing down the first cup of caffeine for the day. Just have time for a quick breakfast, then load up and head out to the CWSA range for a Steel Challenge match. I need to get in a WHOLE lot of practice in the next couple of weeks before I head down to California for the World Steel Challenge Championships. The really fast shooters are so far beyond my abilities that my goal is to have fun and not be dead last! Maybe today one of the stages will be "Showdown" where you shoot two plates from one box, then move to a second box to shoot the next two and the stop plate. Any stages with a lot of angular distance between plates, or movement, are always where I do the worst, so maybe today I can get in some practice on that.

KeeWee's taking a day off from shooting to putter n the garden, as tomorrow's a rimfire falling plate match, and those are getting to be one of her favorites.

I'll try to remember to take the camera along and get some match pictures..........


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