Friday, March 23, 2007

More On Washington State Gun Show Bill SB 5197

I mentioned in a prewvious post that Senate Bill 5197, thew gun show "loophole" bill, was in the Senate Rules Committee and had been added to the "X" file. According to some Olympia folks in the know, that means that the Rules committee has round filed it, as far as taking any action on the bill. Although this is good news, the bill is never really dead until the legislative session is over. The bill can be brought to the Senate floor for a vote at any time, if enough senators vote to do so.

At the moment our (not really elected) Governor has several brush fires to deal with which are probably taking up most of her (and her arm-twisting team's) time.

For example, the mess with the state department of corrections releasing 3,500 felons per month back into the community, and doing almost nothing to monitor them. The head of the department of corrections has a plan, however, that should make us all sleep better at night. His plan is to increase monitoring of those released felons all the way up to where they actually would monitor as many as 25 percent of them, once a year. He maintains that since SOME of the corrections officers have as many as 40 (!) felons to monitor, there just isn't enough staff to do any more than that.

Lets do some simple math, shall we? If we figure four weeks to the month, that would work out to ten felons per week to check up on. That would be two a day. That doesn't sound too difficult to me. You can probably check up on most of them with a phone call, maybe even require them to phone in on a regular basis?

How hard can it be...........



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