Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Falling Plates - Something New at CWSA

At Central Whidbey Sportsman's Association we are always willing to give new types of competition a try. For example, last week at our first bowling pin shoot of the year we added a new big bore revolver class. This coming Saturday, March 17th., we will be having our very first Rimfire Falling Plate match.

There are a lot of different ways falling plate matches are run, but the one thing they all have in common is the use of steel targets that are hinged on the bottom so when you hit them they fall over, and a pull of a rope sets them back up for the next round.

Here's how we are going to run the CWSA Rimfire Falling Plate matches:

We will set up the plates on the bowling pin range tables on the pin range. There will be five plates to each table, four 6" round plates, and one 4" round plate. The 4" plate, called the "Stop" plate, will be painted black, and the other four will be painted white. The location of the stop plate will be different at each match. The distance from the shooting stations to the plates will be approximately 30 feet. Shooters will start from a low ready position, the same as at our pin shoots. The competition will be head to head, with the first shooter knocking over all four white plates, then the stop plate, winning the table. The format will be a round robin, so every shooter will get a chance to shoot against every other shooter. This means you will get a whole lot of shooting in, so you will want to bring at least 200 or 300 rounds! Final standings will be determined by the number of tables won.

I suspect that this will turn out to be a very popular match, not only because of the large amount of shooting you get to do, but for the great practice it will be for other types of handgun competition.

All the fun starts at 9am. this Saturday, but DO NOT BE LATE! Once the round robin schedule is made up for the match, we can't add in a late entry. Show up late, you get to be a spectator, it's that simple!

See you on Saturday!


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